Driven by the human brain

At Autobrains we aim to reach the industry goal of contributing to zero accidents – without high computing costs & manual processing that makes
this unfeasible. We’re disrupting how the automotive industry approaches autonomous car technology with a technology, that takes it closer than
ever to the human way of driving perception.

As the world is rapidly moving to AV, safety has become an issue

Ambitious plans for rapid deployment of fully autonomous cars have run into unexpected problems.
After all the excitement, there is frustration.
Billions are poured into the industry with very little progress.

With AutoBrains a safer automotive future is here

Our technology enables cars to learn, collaborate and interact with the world like humans, without human input. Our robust signature-based
representation and unsupervised learning capabilities enable a more detailed, comprehensive, multi-sensory and precise interpretation of the car’s
surroundings. We’re bringing the future of mass market autonomous cars, forward by providing better performance , at 40% less cost,10x less energy
consumption and scoring 5 stars on all safety regulations.

AutoBrains is on a mission to create a world with zero accidents

Backed by more than 200 patents and 10 years of cutting-edge research, our approach disrupts the whole way the automotive industry approaches AI. Our team includes engineers, neuroscientists, machine learning experts, experts from military intelligence, academia, and the automotive industry industry (who together have over 100 PHds).

Together, we’re revolutionizing autonomous driving for a smarter, safer world.

With our platform, autonomous cars get a deep understanding of their environment – instantly: Built on the foundation of a mature, patented, self-learning technology, our robust signature-based representation and unsupervised learning capabilities enable a more detailed, comprehensive and precise interpretation of the car’s surroundings.

Our platform makes autonomous cars a mass market reality: AutoBrains solves the cost and efficiency issue plaguing many AV and ADAS systems. It is based on a new kind of AI using a lightweight and efficient computational framework which will give better performance at 40% less cost, and 10x less energy consumption. This provides a more efficient, less expensive system capable of doing complex AI tasks using relatively inexpensive sensors with limited computer power.

Our leadership team

  • Igal Raichelgauz | CEO

    Igal is the Co-Founder and chairman of Cortica, the leader of AI technology for autonomous platforms since it’s foundation in 2007. Igal moved to lead AutoBrains after it span-off from Cortica in 2019. Before founding Cortica, Igal was the CTO of speech recognition company LCB, and prior to that held several technical positions at Intel. Igal started his career in an elite intelligence unit in the IDF, and following this, was the CEO and co-founder of Figment, the first advanced messaging platform based on SMS. Igal started his Ph.D. research at the Technion in the field of cortical neural networks, but his PhD was never completed; instead, Cortica was founded. Igal has received multiple technical and innovation awards and holds over 50 patents.

    Igal Raichelgauz


  • Karl-Thomas Neumann | Chairman

    Karl Thomas joined AutoBrains as an investor and a management team member following a career in the automotive industry that span over three decades. Over the years Karl-Thomas was the CEO of Continental AG, Opel AG and Volkswagen Group China. Karl-Thomas brings with him to AutoBrains wealth of experience in Corporate Governance, Product Development, Marketing Strategy, Business Strategy and Automotive industry understanding. In recent years he got involved in the startup arena, focusing on innovation in the eMobility domain. Karl-Thomas completed his Ph.D. in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from the University of Dortmund in 1987.

    Karl-Thomas Neumann


  • Asher Avital | CFO

    Asher joined Cortica as CFO back in 2015 and later moved to serve as AutoBrains CFO after the company span-off. Prior to joining Cortica, Asher was involved in couple of M&As of technology companies by giants such as Apple Inc. and bring extensive experience in financial management in multi-national environment and various types of entities. Asher competed his B.A. in Economics in the Hebrew University in 1996 and MBA studies from the Tel-Aviv University in 1999.

    Asher Avital


  • Alessandro Manca | VP Sales & Business Development

    Alessandro joined our team to lead sales and business development after more than 20 years in Continental AG. Over the years Alessandro fulfilled and managed roles in project, product, key accounts and technology management. He developed the business with key OEM to exceed $2B per annum. With a passion for innovation, he led business development and sales at Continental Intelligent Transportation Systems in the U.S. before joining AutoBrains . Alessandro graduated his studies of Mechanical Engineering in the Polytechnic of Turin in 1994 and completed MBA studies in 2007.

    Alessandro Manca

    VP Sales & Business Development

  • Adam Harel | VP R&D

    Adam is leading the Automotive R&D at AutoBrains , He Joined Cortica in July 2013, and moved to lead the development work in AutoBrains after it was founded. Adam brings a vast knowledge and extensive experience in the field of computer vision, machine learning and Image processing.  Adam holds a Bachelor degree from the department of Biomedical Engineering of Tel Aviv University. Prior to that Adam served in an elite intelligence unit in the IDF.

    Adam Harel

    VP R&D

  • Barak Matzkevich | COO

    Barak has joined Cortica in August 2017 to spearhead the introduction of Cortica’s innovative approach to AI in key verticals such as automotive, smart cameras and drones. He escorted the incubation of the automotive activity in Cortica all the way to it’s spin-off in 2019, where he joined the AutoBrains team to initially cover business development, and later operations of the company. In the past 25 years Barak was involved in business development & sales management roles in companies ranged from early stage start-ups to a multi-billion dollar corporations, mostly to introduce highly innovative automotive & IT technologies to tier-suppliers and OEMs across all regions.

    Barak Matzkevich


  • Meny Benady | CSO

    Meny joined the AutoBrains team in 2020 to lead our Marketing & Strategy. Meny was involved from early on with multiple automotive technology companies in both the hardware and software solutions. He comes with strong background in business development, fund-raising, marketing, strategy, product management and sales in the automotive, aerospace, sensors, HLS and industrial inspection sectors, combined with a deep technical background. He completed Ph.D. in sensors and autonomous robots from the Purdue University and MSc in machine learning from the Weizmann Institute of Science.

    Meny Benady


  • Idan Grunbaum | VP Platforms

    Idan joined AutoBrains in 2021 to lead AutoBrains strategic partnerships with hardware platform developers, such as semiconductor companies and Tier1s, and to drive special purpose activities, including mutual demonstrations and business collaborations.
    Idan held business development, and product management positions in CEVA and Valens, successfully managing and promoting numerous SW and HW products for the automotive industry, including computer vision and machine learning products. Prior to that, Idan managed the VLSI department in CEVA, which was responsible for the development of machine learning, computer vision, and communication processors and accelerators. Idan completed his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, Cum Laude, in Tel-Aviv University in 2010.

    Idan Grunbaum

    VP Platforms

  • Gabi Itzkovich | Director of Products

    Gabi joined AutoBrains in 2021 to lead ADAS products & features from development to serial production with Tier-1s & OEMs, planning & leading the product road map based on customer functions, requirements, future technologies & regulations.
    Gabi was product manager for ACC & objects in Mobileye, leading several products based on AI & ML for ADAS most advanced projects, working with the leading European, American & Asian OEMs & Tier-1s, successfully achieving several SOPs. Prior to that, Gabi was a system engineer in the Aerospace industry, working on high-end systems & computers in UAVs & Aircraft avionics projects, involving multiple sensors & communication systems.
    Gabi has an MBA from Bar-Ilan university, and a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University.

    Gabi Itzkovich

    Director of Products