Autobrains Hires Former Stellantis Executive Joachim Langenwalter as Senior Vice President of Autonomous Driving

AImobility company’s barrier-breaking AI continues to attract top talent to leadership team



TEL AVIV – February 8, 2023: As the broader automotive industry struggles to achieve safe, affordable and broadly available autonomous driving, sought-after global industry veterans are beating a path to Israeli startup Autobrains, which has cracked the code on developing safe, affordable AI to enable reliable advanced driver assist systems and the safe transition to autonomous driving.

Autobrains is a pioneer in developing hardware-agnostic, self-learning artificial intelligence (AI) for advanced driver assistance and autonomous driving systems (ADAS and AD). Today Autobrains announced that Joachim Langenwalter, former Stellantis head of engineering, has joined Autobrains’ leadership team as senior vice president of autonomous driving.

“Without Autobrains’ self-learning AI, autonomous driving will not be a reality,” Langenwalter said. At Stellantis, Langenwalter was responsible for the global automaker’s software and hardware engineering, including its autonomous driving, smart cockpit and connected services programs. Prior to Stellantis, he was vice president of software strategy at Volkswagen and director of automotive software at NVIDIA.

“After several years leading autonomous-driving development programs for automakers, it is clear that the industry’s current approach to autonomous driving – supervised learning with data labeling – is insufficient. It’s too expensive and still stalls when confronted with situations for which it hasn’t been specifically trained. Truly autonomous driving will not become technically or financially viable unless we use Autobrains self-learning solution,” Langenwalter said.

Autobrains AI software is hardware agnostic, meaning it can work with cameras, radar, lidar or a combination of those systems and on any chipset. It is a signature-based and self-learning AI solution. In short, it doesn’t need to be trained by a human for every possible driving scenario or possible object on the road, instead, it is developed to recognize patterns within the driving environment by itself. It clusters those patterns to understand its environment and react reliably in each scenario. Autobrains AI dramatically cuts the cost of AI for autonomous and advanced driver assistance systems by eliminating extensive data labeling costs as well as significantly reducing in-vehicle chip processing, cloud-storage and processing, therefore reducing overall hardware costs.

“Autobrains technology is different in ways that make autonomous driving possible,” Langenwalter said. “It is less expensive to develop, enabling automakers to break through the supervised learning wall the industry is currently slamming into. It does this by eliminating initial and ongoing data labeling costs, reducing system-on-chip costs, eliminating the issue of hardware compatibility and makes the system transparent and explainable.”

Langenwalter will lead Autobrains’ autonomous driving division, its strategy and business development. He will leverage his automotive experience and relationships with global automakers and Tier-1 suppliers to secure new partnerships, respond to customer and industry needs, and further develop the Autobrains go-to-market strategy.

“Having led autonomous driving business strategy since the technology’s infancy, Joachim is a respected, established industry expert and a significant addition to Autobrains’ growing leadership team and our business trajectory,” Autobrains CEO Igal Raichelgauz said. “Joachim’s management roles at Volkswagen and Stellantis have also given him a deep understanding of the industry’s autonomous driving challenges and needs. We look forward to applying his perspective, experience and expansive network of industry connections to establish Autobrains’ position as the industry leader in autonomous-driving perception, prediction and planning technology.”

In January, Autobrains hired former Mobileye VP of ADAS Business Development Hilla Tavor as its Chief Business Officer.

“Hilla joined us from Mobileye to lead and focus on ADAS, and now Joachim has joined us to lead autonomous driving,” Raichelgauz said. “We’re proud to add their industry-leading knowledge, experience and skill to our team. We believe it underscores the message that Autobrains technology is the future of autonomous and advanced-driver-assist technology.”


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Autobrains is a leading Israeli AI mobility company, radically rethinking AI for the safest route from ADAS to full autonomous driving. Revolutionizing how deep learning is applied, Autobrains’s patented self-learning and signature-based AI is a new approach to perception, closing the technology gaps towards the safest human-driven and autonomous car possible. The product portfolio offers modular, highly efficient entry-level, volume, premium and luxury software solutions – covering all autonomous driving levels. Strategic investors include Knorr-Bremse AG, BMW i Ventures, Toyota Ventures, VinFast, Continental AG, Temasek and Autel. Learn more here:



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