Our full range of products

Our product range varies from entry level NCAP cameras, through offerings with greater
functionality and processing power, to fully autonomous systems

  • AB Entry

    AB Entry is an extremely efficient perception software stack, for entry-level ADAS Smart Camera. Autobrains’ hardware agnostic entry-level solution fulfills a wide range of regulatory requirements and offers additional ADAS/AD comfort features over a low-compute, low-power, and low-cost system. AB Entry is the most cost-effective solution for ADAS/AD applications targeting L1-L2 automated driving level.

  • AB Volume & AB Premium

    AB Volume & AB Premium are cutting-edge perception software stacks, for premium front-facing ADAS smart-camera or entry-level ADAS Domain Control Unit (ADCU). Autobrains’ AB Volume and AB Premium solutions provide rich, modular, and hardware-agnostic feature sets, including premium perception features at low cost, for ADAS/AD applications targeting L2-L2+ automated driving level.

  • AB Luxury

    AB Luxury is a breakthrough perception software stack, for higher level ADAS and AD Domain Controllers. Autobrains’ AB Luxury AI solution is scalable, modular, and hardware agnostic, and provides a full feature set that enables hands-free automated driving functions. It includes innovative and unique solutions that bridge the gap toward a fully autonomous vehicle that is sustainable and affordable.

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