Autobrains’ revolutionary self-learning AI
mirrors how humans learn.

  • Signatures

    Simulate the human brain, by shifting from traditional AI labels to generic representations. Information is indexed and compressed into neural responses, with efficient data processing.

  • Self-learning

    The neural network algorithms are self-learned in a dynamic environment, independent from manually labelled data and immune against data biases.

  • Adaptive architecture

    Brain-like, scenario-focused contextual adaptivity. A sparse set of resources are applied during processing, translating into superior performance and higher efficiency.

  • Perception fields

    Extending perception to forces, capturing real-world interactions and dynamics. Closing the gap between perception and action, the input immediately propels the vehicle's behavior.

  • EON AI – Ensemble of Narrow AI Agents

    Routing sensor input to a handful of specialized narrow AI agents, by context.

Our Edge Results

  • Safety

    Our ADAS solutions passed safety regulation tests with superior performance in edge cases

  • Higher Efficiency

    10x less energy consumption

  • More Affordable

    Better performance at up to
    40% less cost

  • Adaptivity

    Understands the surrounding environment and adapts in real time based on context

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