Like the human brain, it uses a signature-based approach:

Providing a more efficient system which
can do complex AI tasks using relatively
inexpensive sensors with limited computer power

Using a technology that mirrors
how humans actually drive

Our technology enables cars to learn, collaborate and interact
with the world like humans, without human supervision.

We don’t need to teach our system about driving through labels and language. Rather, our approach is like a
newborn learning about the world. The system learns without guidance, the environment is explored without language.

Our technology is based on human biology – we use Autonomous AI that simulates the natural processes of the
mammal cortex. Its unsupervised approach to learning mimics the way the brain processes information. It’s why
our AI system is closer to human intelligence than deep learning.

We offer full spectrum functionality – from level 1 to 4,
and on the way to level 5

The Cartex platform is designed in a modular way to enable features required for entry level functionalities, and all the way to achieving advanced automated driving capabilities. The platform roadmap allows our customers to select different features which address complex scenarios requiring advanced perception capabilities. These features add to the vehicle safety profile while driving, and offer new comfort options for the driver while the vehicle handles complex scenarios.

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