Autobrains revolutionizes how deep learning is applied, with a new self-learning approach that mimics human driving perception. Autobrains offers solutions for the next generation of vehicles and mobility – providing safer, superior performance at lower energy consumption and less cost.

Autobrains’ innovative self learning technology
(Signature-based, patented)

  • Safety

    Our ADAS solutions passed
    safety regulation tests with
    superior performance
    in edge cases

  • Higher Efficiency

    Significantly less energy

  • HW agnostic

    Transparent, explainable and
    customizable solution, fully HW
    and sensor agnostic

  • More Affordable

    Better performance at up to 40%
    less cost, affordable in any

  • Adaptive

    Brain-like, scenario focused
    adaptivity that understands the
    surrounding environment in real time

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