A Breakthrough in Autonomous Vehicles

Revolutionizing how we apply deep learning, with a new approach that is closer to human driving perception,
Autobrains offers solutions for the next generation of vehicles and mobility – providing safer, superior performance at
lower energy consumption and less cost.

  • Safer

    Our ADAS solutions scores
    5 stars on all safety regulations

  • Low Energy Consumption

    10x less energy

  • Higher Efficiency

    Better performance at up to
    40% less cost

  • Adaptivity

    Understands the surrounding
    environment and adapts in
    real time based on context

We are driving the transition to the safest human-driven and
autonomous car possible, by making cars understand their
environment, making roads a safer place for everyone

Inspired by the human brain,
Autobrains is closer to how human driving works


Full spectrum functionality - from SAE level 1 to 4

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    Cartex 4M

    Market and entry level
    product for cost
    effective NCAP solution

  • icon icon

    Cartex 4H

    Allows level 2+
    autonomous vehicle
    functionality with added
    value features

  • icon icon

    Cartex 4F

    Fuses data from camera
    and radar in the
    same box

  • icon icon

    Cartex 5

    The bridge on
    the path to full
    autonomy. Offers
    unique features
    to deal with
    unanticipated scenarios.

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