IT Manager

IT Manager

Autobrains is looking for an experienced IT Manger to support the company’s compute infrastructure. The ideal candidate will be a highly motivated, organized and efficient person who is able to juggle multiple tasks, set priorities and rise to the challenge in a fast-paced tech environment.

About Autobrains AI:

Autobrains AI develops a cutting edge and state-of-the-art computer vision and machine-learning-based solutions for the automotive industry. The Autobrains technology enables the automakers to introduce an advanced feature in a cost-effective solution answering the safety and comport requirements set by the industry. We deploy an innovative AI approach backed by over 250 patents.

Autobrains solution offers a perception platform that is at the heart of the vehicle’s Advanced Driver Assistant Solutions and Automated Driving capabilities. We use input from cameras, radars and other sensory to generate a comprehensive understanding of the environmental model of the vehicle, to the degree it can replace the human involvement and attention required today.


  • At least 3 years’ experience as an IT Manager in a company with over 50 employees, preferably as a single POC in a startup company.
  • Strong knowledge in Linux.
  • Technical leadership in administration, and operation of IT systems technologies.
  • Hands-on experience with help desk support from a global organization.
  • Server’s installation and maintenance over on premises and cloud environments.
  • IT inventory & vendor management.
  • High level understanding of IT services (network, cloud-based services, etc..).
  • Server’s virtualizations technologies.
  • Cloud computing, preferably AWS.
  • Laptops & Mac management experience for provisioning, upgrading, inventory etc.
  • Install, setup, maintain, and support servers running Windows and Linux.
  • Good self-learning ability and ability to prioritize planned and unplanned tasks.
  • General Camera and sensor knowledge are an advantage.
  • Familiar with Internal automotive system, such CANbus or other Car protocol is an advantage
  • Scripting:
    Environment- Linux (preferably ubuntu), FreeBSD, Yocto
    Scripting Languages- Python, Bash, Ruby
    Bonus if candidate knows Docker and Ansible deployment tools
    Bonus if familiar with COM servers and the way they work (Serial Terminals)
  • Workspace environments that will need support are Python Interpreter troubleshooting, Make and CMAKE knowledge (bonus if there is knowledge in CLion).


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